Faustus Decimus Aurelius




  • Birthplace: Ipswitch/Vandram
  • Status: Mercenary, Imperial
  • Affinity: Ice
    *Age: 35
  • War Soul
    Str: 5
    Prs: 4+1=5
    Agl: 3
    Tgh: 4-1+1=4
    Rsn: 1+1=2
    Cha: 1(+ 1 on Rolls)
    Int: 5
    Ess: 4
    Major Gift: Soldier, Shield-Arm Combat Style (Reduces non-Magic by *1/2, when using defense block first attack)
    Racial Gift: 1 Bonus Magic Die
    Weapons Group: Basic, Bows, Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Polearms, Spears, Axes
  • Fitness
  • History(+ 1 skill die)
  • Perception
  • Faith
  • Geography
  • Nature
  • Linguistics(+1 skill die)
  • Negotiate
  • Mend
  • Glow
  • Renew
  • Sense Direction
  • Mindlock
  • Alarm Ward
  • Longsword (2dmg+1 2atkd), Shortbow(2dps 1atkd), Knife(1dmg 3atkd), Quarterstaff(1dps 3atkd), Magic Hatchet (2dmg 1atkd)
  • Heavy Armor, Shield
    54 pyrines 375 sm pyre, 36 jade illari 2 Gold 3 silver
    Languages: Dapyron, Gobleguk, Aldeena
    Hp: 36
    Mana: 14
    Health Regen: 4+1(lvl)=5 if resting, 2 if not.
    Mana Regen: 1
    Phys Def: 3
    Arm: -3 dmg
    Mag Res: 4
    Atk Die: 7
    Mag Die: 4
    Skill Die: 5
    Spend 2 mana. Use 1/2 of another dice pool on an attack, magic, or skill roll.
    Warsouls are capable of boosting their own abilities at the cost of mana. During their turn, they may spend 2 mana to boost a physical attribute by their Empower rank for 6 rounds. After Empower rank 2, they may also boost mental attributes, but only by half your rank. You may only have one attribute empowered at a time, but you may spend mana to refresh or change the effect early. You may also empower your Soul Weapon, allowing you to roll an extra die for damage per two ranks, but this counts as having an attribute empowered still.
    Combat Tricks
    Defensive Disarm: As a reaction you may now choose to disarm against an enemies melee attack, if you succeed the normal effects of disarm are applied and you take no damage. If you fail, attack hits as normal.
    Team Attack: While you and an ally are both in melee range of an enemy, whenever one of you strikes that enemy with a counterattack or normal attack, the other is allowed to use a reaction to also attack that enemy.
    Soul Weapon: Long Sword
    1 attack die
    +1 damage
    +1 resilience (harder to break)
    Lost or destroyed 1 day to make new bond, still have but want new bond 1/2 day, fatigued day after.
    3 actions per round (
    1 action or reaction)
    Movement: 35 w/o armor, 30 w/ armor
    Armor: Shield+1 Armor+2=3

Guild of Umber – East of Dargarth Freehold
Cultists in the Moors
Great White Beast –
Osarrilox – Scouts
30 sm pyre = 2 1/2 pyre = 1 pyrines
Beric – Part Goblin information broker. Speaks Aldena and Gobleguk
Piece of the Crystal Spider
Dessapis of the Alnaruwath
Garriel Leader of Shadows
formerly of the fifth company.
Ordinant Baltus.
Duke Vashan

Faustus Decimus Aurelius

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