Finarfel the apprentice


Rusnai Shaman (level 1 follower)

Basic Info:

  • Born in the Vellte
  • Commoner
  • Water affinity
  • Speaks Aldeen, Dapyron

STR: 2
PRS: 5
AGL: 5
TGH: 1
RSN: 4
CHA: 3
INT: 1
ESS: 5 (MAT)

Other Stats:
Life: 14
L Regen: 6 per hour (1/4 if not resting)
Mana: 11
M Regen: 6 per hour
Actions: 4 (1 reaction)
Movement: 45
Base Defense: 1
Attack Defense: 2
Magic Defense: 4
Attack Armor: 0
Magic Armor: 2
Attack Dice: 4
Skill Dice: 2
Magic Dice: 4

Weapons: Basic, Fist, Spear, Thrown, Light Blade
Skills: Perception, Nature (BSD), History, Planes, Fitness (BSD)

  • Fade
  • Sense Magic
  • Blessing/Condemn
  • Protect
  • Sense Weather
  • Sense Life
  • Dowse
  • Scry
  • Oracle’s Insight

Light Armor (+2MRM)
Talon (2dps, 1AD, small, melee, quick, slashing)
Shortsword (2dps, 2AD, slashing, melee, small, parry)
Sling (3dps, 0AD, throwing, bashing, point-blank, melee)

Racial Prime: Eldritch
Racial Passive: Primal
Class Prime: Boons—Seers Eyes
Class Passive: Spiritual Power (Divine)
Racial Major: Totemic (Falcon)—you follow the ways of a specific animal, gaining some of their power. Your attack range with all ranged or throwing weapons improves by 10ft, you gain a bonus dice on Perception rolls.


Finarfel the apprentice

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