Raska Kal'nagar

Naga Raider


Basic Information

  • Race: Naga
  • Birthplace: Kallish Isles
  • Status: War Caste
  • Affinity: Water
  • Class: Raider
  • Languages: Mara’gal, Kaleshi, Aldeena

STR: 4
PRS: 6
AGL: 5
TGH: 4
RSN: 2
CHA: 4
INT: 1
ESS: 7 (MAT)

Other Traits

  • HP: 36 => Regen: 9 (2) per hour
  • Mana: 20 => Regen: 8 per hour
  • Defense: 4
  • Resistance: 2
  • Movement: 60ft movement, 30ft climb/swim
  • Actions: 4
  • Reactions: 2
  • Note: one extra action/reaction each round
  • Attack Dice: 8
  • Magic Dice: 4
  • Skill Dice: 4


  • Skills: Nature (1 bonus die), Negotiate (1 bonus die), Fitness (2 bonus dice), Perception, Larceny, Geography, Linguistics
  • Weapon Groups: Polearms, Spears, Heavy Blades, Bows, Flexible, Exotics*
  • Glow -Cause a touched object to shine with magical light; the light does not flicker or waver unless acted upon by an antimagic effect. Radius: 5ft per MAT clear light, followed by 5ft per 3 MAT dim light, Duration: 30 mins/MAT
  • Mend -Fix a touched item costing up to 5 gp, this has no effect on magical items (or at least does not renew the function of their magic). You must have all the parts of the target item on hand, or you must concentrate on the spell for 1 minute per cubic centimeter of missing material; unlike other spells that may be concentrated on, you must spend 1 mana each minute you spend trying to fix the item.
  • Renew -Focus your mana to cause minor healing in a target; the target heals 1d4 HP per 2 MAT. Range: 60ft
  • Sense Life -Know all living things within area, be they animal, plant, magical or mundane. When you first cast this you know only if there are living things in an area other than yourself, you must concentrate on specific signals of life to determine their characteristics. This may be used in conjunction with the correct skill check to learn the exact creature. Range: 10ft area surrounding you per 2 MAT, Duration: Concentration
  • Stench -Create an odorous cloud which causes those not protected from it to flee in a random direction. TGH save prevents fleeing. Range: 60ft, Radius: 20ft + 10ft per 3 MAT, Duration: 5 mins
  • Ventriloquism -Without moving your own lips, you create a figment, noise or speech emanating from an area you do not occupy; you may concentrate on this power, but you may only cause 10 words to be spoken a round or similar for other noises. You may use CHA checks or skills in conjunction with this spell to affect those who overhear it. A DC 12 INT check reveals the sounds as fake to those who overhear it. Range: 300ft


  • 6 silver Ilari. 10 small pyres. 3gp worth of precious metal.
  • Medium Armor (-1 attack damage, -1 magic damage)
  • Trident (3dps, piercing, throwing/melee, wounding, fortify)
  • Falchion (3dps, slashing, melee, two-handed, cleave, harmful)
  • Naginata (2dps, melee, slashing, two-handed, reach, quick, cleave)

Racial Prime: Bile-Naga saliva and blood is toxic, and thus may be spat or used to coat weapons. All naga have enough toxin to use a spit attack or dose a weapon once per rank each day; whenever they receive a wound they gain an extra dose of poison that can only be used on a weapon. Naga poison is a Hemotoxin; creatures struck by it are considered to be bleeding until they receive an anti-venom or sufficient magical healing. Spit poison deals 2 acid damage per success, and uses your attack roll. Poison may be spat as an action or reaction and has the traits (melee, reach, wounding).

Racial Passive: Coiling Strength-Naga can climb or swim equal to half their normal land movement due to their unique body type. They gain a bonus attack Dice whenever they attack after not moving during the previous round.

Major Racial: Path of Mabari-You have 10ft of extra movespeed (which also effects your climb speed), and an extra reaction each round.

Class Prime: Swift-Raiders use their energies to quicken their actions; each round they may spend mana on extra actions, but they may only take extra actions equal to their rank. Possible actions are listed below: RANK 2

  • Extra Reaction: normally, all characters have only one reaction per round, by spending 2 mana, you may gain another, but not if you’ve just used a reaction against the target for the same action
  • Extra Attack: gain an extra attack during your turn. When you declare an attack, spend 2 mana to gain an extra attack and take a -1 penalty on all attacks this round. This penalty stacks.
  • Quickened Movement: by spending 3 mana, move at double your speed using only one action instead of two.

Class Passive: Daring Scout-Raiders move 10ft faster than normal for their race. They have 2 bonus dice for all Fitness checks. They alone may make a Fitness check against their targets Attack roll to pass through an enemy square unhindered. Reduce all non-magical damage taken by half your level when at least 40ft from an ally.

Minor Gifts

  • Hit and Run: you may split up your full movement over two actions if the second action is used to attack and you have not yet used all your movement from the first action. You still trigger the normal reactions.

Other Notes
Commonly gives thanks to the gods of the Naga: Amphis, Addash, Pyhonis, Mabari, Kraith and Colubra.


Raska Kal'nagar

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