Ty Cole

Maendri (Dral/Vashti) Spellhound. Real name; Tyrus Elevex.


Base Attributes

Level 2

HP: 23 Regen: 6
MP: 18 Regen: 5
Def: 3 Res: 4
Armor: 1 Move: 35

Actions: 3
ATK Dice: 5
SPELL Dice: 7
SKILL Dice: 5
*6 for Arcane/Perception

Ty cole


  • Quarry – When blocking or hit by a spell, can sense caster’s mana and general location. May track as many casters as levels. If blocking or hit by a spell from another mage after maximum quarry, must choose whether to lose one quarry for the new mage. Can pinpoint within 10 miles per level; outside the range, only a general sense (only in the same plane). Plus 1 bonus on all saves against quarry, and roll an extra attack die to strike them or extra spell die on opposed rolls against them. By spending 10 minutes in concentration and 6 mana, can sense the general status of quarry (injuries, health, vague surroundings).
  • Quelling (lvl 2) – 10ft+5ft (ESS) per MAT radius. 2 mana/round + 1 mana per successful cast, paid by loser of check. Lose mana for checks against higher level/outside of spell’s cost. Any character which attempts to cast a spell or use a magical ability within the area of quelling treats the target or targets of the spell as having extra Magic Defense equal to the spellhound’s rank+MAT (ESS).
  • Silencer – Spend 2 MP and a regular action to strike a foes weak spot for normal damage and inhibit his casting for 1+1/2 ESS rounds if you beat their magical defense on the roll.


  • Echoes of Faeri – 1st-Those targeting you with magical effects that affect you in some way other than damage roll their magic pool twice—the lowest result is used to determine the secondary effect on you; this does not affect the damage from such abilities, which uses the 1st roll regardless.
  • Eldritch – Spend a full round action and 3 extra mana to maximize the effect of a spell or magical ability you activate once per rank per encounter. (currently rank 1)
  • Faer Blooded – You count as a member of both the Aldeen and Humanity. At 1st level choose whether you gain another Attack, Magic or Skill Dice. Your CHA increases by 1 regardless of your other minor gift choice at 1st level. You may choose from any class and select your background info and Major gifts from the pool available to both your parent races. As a Dralic/Vashti hybrid, you may add your elemental affinity to magical attacks which have no damage type and are immune to disease effects.

Trained Skills

  • Acrobatics – AGL
  • Arcane – RSN
  • Athletics – STR
  • Geography – RSN
  • Larceny – PRS
  • Planes – RSN/ESS
  • Perception – INT
  • Psionics – RSN/INT
  • Stealth – AGL

Trained Weapons/Equipment

  • Basic – Quarterstaff – 1 DPS w/ 3 ATK dice (bashing, 2H, melee, quick, twin, subdue, reach).
  • Bows – Short bow – 2 DPS w/ 1 ATK die (ranged, piercing, 2H, quick).
  • Fists – Spiked gauntlets – 1 DPS w/ 1 ATK die (piercing, melee, small, subdue).
  • Light blades – Azad – 3 DPS w/ 1 ATK die (melee, slashing, wounding [bleed], small), simple knife – 1 DPS w/ 3 ATK dice (slashing, piercing, thrown, quick, melee, small).
  • Heavy blades – Double sword – 2 DPS w/ 3 ATK dice (melee, slashing, 2H, twin, parry).
  • Thrown


Cantrips (1 MP, infinite casts)

  • Alarm ward
  • Open/Lock
  • Sending
  • Sense magic (always on, 1 MP to turn off)
  • Shroud


  • Born in Soranine (2nd month) in the town of Gilzbar – Electric affinity.
  • Grew up in the Moors.
  • Mercenary
  • Half damage from electricity, 75% damage from water, 150% damage from earth.
  • 30 silver, 5 bone argots, 30 jade ilare, 75 gems of random quality
  • Can speak Vashdani, Dell, Aldeena, Dapyron.


Ty Cole

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