The Gauntlet of Divinity

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Coming Together
Meeting in a crossroads town

Five adventures met in the town of Pilgrim’s Rest. A father reunited with his son in their quest to serve Lamellan, a Pra’Dral seeking gold and challenges, a Dwarf who was traveling through, and a mercenary trying to buy a stylish hat. United by Shen’s, the Pra’Dral, urge to take out a giant, the adventures form a party.

Their first “adventure” together was to find Dirkin’s keys in the sewer. In the sewer they found the keys, but they also found the Rusting Gauntlet, the Ironwurm Spear, and some fiends and fiendish creatures.

Poor William's Fate
The Loss of a Healer

The adventurers set out eager to enter the moors and draw closer to the Red-Headed Giant. They gathered supplies and arrived at the edge of the moors in a day. During the first night undead showed up and due to a freak accident William was brought to the edge of death with a fractured leg and an impaled spleen. The party (somewhat) carefully brought Will back to town and got him into the hospital. Murkhun, Ty, and Shen decided to head out through the moors with a caravan.


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