Character Creation

Character creation in Managift is a multi-step process, with a variety of options to deeply tie you to the world. If anything described below doesn’t make sense you can check for a link within that section which may help explain or simply look at the rules page for more information.

Step 1. Concept: What do YOU want? You should think of what kind of character you would like to play before you begin the process. Do you want to play a bulky warrior? Or perhaps a master sniper? Do the mystic arts call your name? Or is every shadowy corner your home? Is a jack-of-all-trades an early birthday present to yourself? Or a character who is the best at what she does? Any of these is possible, but it is up to the choices you make and the plan you set forward with.

Step 2. Race: This is the first step for your adventurer, where do you fit in the world? What do others think of you? What doors does your race open? Since race defines your background, alignment and possible classes, this is where all characters start.

Step 3. Background: Where and when were you born? What was your family or life like before beginning your quest? You choose a birthplace and status off a list tied to your racial page and then roll a d8 to determine the month you were born, and thus what your elemental affinity is. Wot is this affinity I speak of? Why its an important facet of what makes you, YOU! It gives you a small bonus to an Attribute, and decides your weaknesses and resistances to certain elements. It may even decide the damage type of certain special attacks!

Step 4. Classes: How do you fight your foes or support your allies? Your class decides what kind of adventurer you are; from broad archetype traits such as health, accessible gift spheres or armor; to specifics of attack and magic dice and prime abilities. Each race has access to a variety of classes, and the various combinations can play out quite differently. A Krani hermetic is the undisputed master of psionics, while a Dolrean plainsmen who also follows the hermetic path can better take a punch.

Step 5. Attributes: What are your strengths? Are you fast, strong, smart? Slow, weak, dumb? The eight attributes determine what you can achieve, and may be decided in various ways. Point-buy, Array and Random Dice Roll are all allowed attribute allocation methods. (Ok enough alliteration). Various modifiers may be placed on one or more attributes, depending on your race, affinity and even Racial Major Gift.

Step 6. Racial Major Gift: What abilities or traits of your race do you hone? This is a major decision at 1st level, as it will give a variety of benefits over the course of your adventure. Many significantly alter how you play your character, such as the towering Dorven Sentinels.

Step 7. Training: What are you proficient in? Do you favor swords or axes? Are you knowledgeable in the fields of arcane lore or larceny? Each class gains access to a specific number of trained weapon groups and trained skills. Skills must be taken from the class list, but each character also gets 2 free skills. Various gifts, backgrounds or racial traits may change the number of skills or weapon groups you choose to gain training in (and maybe even give specific training).

Step 8. Magics: What gifts has mana bestowed? Every character has at least one Cantrip naturally, which is the lowest tier of spells available. Classes will give extra cantrips and you gain extra cantrips for every 2 ESS you have. Certain races, classes, gifts or rarely backgrounds will give access to different or higher level spells.

Step 9. Equipment: What does your character carry with them? Your birthplace and status determine what kind of equipment and currency you have available to you as you start your adventure. Everyone starts with at least one weapon (unless you don’t want one for some strange reason), but the upper limit for new characters is equal to half their trained weapon groups, (not including special racial weapons, see following). You start with a shield if you are trained with them and the highest armor type you are trained in (unless you want a lower type). Those with automatic proficiency with racial weapons or the like gain at least one of them for free (you can haggle with the GM about such things). Those of higher standing may even start with a magical weapon, determined randomly (I like to use MTG cards). You can always gain more things later, this is just what you start with.

Step 10: Numbers and Things: What is the whole picture? Now make sure to fill in all of the numbers and information we have gained thus far in character creation. A minor amount of math will be required for health, mana, regen and defenses. Health Dice and mana amounts are shown on character pages, along with resilience and Attack/Magic Dice.
1st level health: Racial HD + TGH + Class HD + TGH (thats right, double health at 1st level!!!)
1st level mana: Class Mana amount (3/4/5) + ESS + any bonus
Health Regen: ESS + level per hour of rest (only 1/4 this if not resting)
Mana Regen: ESS + 1 per hour
Physical Defense: Base Class Resilience + (TGH/2)
Magical Resistance: Base Class Resilience + (INT/2)

Thats it! Enjoy!

Character Creation

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