Short and stocky, dorves are about 2/3 the height of humans, but the same weight. Their skin is typically grey or brownish, though they may be any earthen shade. Eyes are deep set and dark and they lack any kind of hair, though their creator may have molded their earthen skin to resemble such. They all possess runes upon their forehead denoting their creator and identity, and may commonly have other runes carved into themselves. As sturdy as their appearance implies, the Dorve have lived on Aladhorne since ancient times; avoiding the struggles of Titans, Dragons and Aldeen for the most part. They have a gift for and love of creating things, especially items of value or made from earthen materials. Never call a dorve’s home a hole in the ground, as they probably worked very hard to create a well-made and beautiful home (by dorven standards); you may find yourself in a fight with an angry boulder if you do. Dorve know not only how to create wealth, but how to protect it and nurture it; dorven banks are the best in all the lands, and their economic might is nothing to scoff at. Defensive minded, dorve usually seek to prevent battle or make it very costly for enemies to consider attack, using their earthen abilities they avoid fights so they may continue to create things.

Racial Features:

  • +2 TGH, +1 ESS, -1 CHA, -1 AGL
  • Hit Die: d10
  • Dorve have 1 bonus defense
  • Allowed Classes: Defender, Disciple, Hermetic, Savage, Warden, Zealot
  • Gift: Ore-A dorve senses any metal within a 50ft range, as well as its composition, movement and state. This gives them a +1 bonus to armor against projectile or thrown weapons made of metal. Any metal item cannot be hidden from the dwarf, unless by some magic (which may be overcome). However they have no sense of smell or taste, which makes them vulnerable in certain cases (ingested poisons, nearness to smelly creatures etc.).They also have access to a number of spells which are cast following the same rules as other spells, these spells use ESS as their MAT, regardless of any other spells the Dorve may have. (anything in parentheses gives other requirements for these spells): Magnetism (T3; ESS 5 minimum), Metal Hide (T2; TGH 5 minimum), Terrawalk (T5; starting at Level 4) and Warpstone (T2)
  • Birthplace: Agratha, Stoneshard Mountains, Southern Spires
  • Status: Thane, Surveyor, Delver, Treasurer, Mercenary

Names: Dorgam, Murkhun, Girdam, Rurik, Ourok, Ourum, Bolgan, Rigg, Tharg, Brun, Ourdrum, Gordun, Torhur, Falgorm


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