Magic, Mana and Phenomena

This category covers anything to do with mana, the outer planes and other phenomena and even deities.

Rules for Magic Use
All character’s will be able to use a certain number of the most basic spells, known as cantrips. Each character has one cantrip automatically plus one or more depending on their class and race. Additionally, you gain a cantrip for every two ESS you have. A cantrip is so simple that it takes only 1 mana to cast each time, but they generally have little effect on the world. Many character’s will have no other spells beyond these cantrips, though they will utilize their mana in a variety of different powers instead. Spell levels and their costs follow below:

  • Cantrips/1st tier: 1 mana
  • 2nd tier spells: 2 mana
  • 3rd tier spells: 4 mana
  • 4th tier spells: 6 mana
  • 5th tier spells: 8 mana
  • 6th tier spells: 10 mana

All caster archetypes gain spells automatically as they level up, except for certain exceptions all rogues and warriors must use major gift choices to gain higher level spells. To successfully learn and use spells, characters need a high enough mental ability score; this is called the character’s Magical Attribute (MAT). Of the casters, magi use ESS, hermetics use RSN, disciples use INT and shamans use CHA. Other character’s may use RSN/ESS for arcane spells, CHA/INT for divine spells, INT/ESS for nature spells and CHA/RSN for psionics. The ability score tied to a character’s spellcasting must be equal to or higher than the level of the spell—thus a magus would need an ESS of at least 6 to learn and use spells from every level. A character without normally gained spells (any non-caster) decides which attribute they use for magic when they are created, thus deciding the type of magic they may gain access to later. Spell sources and lists follow.

Arcane Spells
Divine Spells
Nature Spells

Other Magic


Deities of Aladhorne

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Magic, Mana and Phenomena

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