William Smith (Kreg Killgore) lvl 2


Base Attributes

HP: 20 Regen: 2
MP: 24 Regen: 8
Def: 1 Res: 4
Armor: 2 Move: 30

Actions: 1
ATK Dice: 2
SPELL Dice: 4
SKILL Dice: 2


  • Mantle:Purification – Passive: add ESS to all healing spells
  • Searing Light – 15ft radius around me. Cost is 3 mana per 1d6 used in spell. Damage rolled hurts enemies for full and heals allies for half.
  • Divine Life – heal 3 hp per mana spent to an ally within 30ft. Each additional improvement increases the healing by 2.
  • Cleansing Hand – (Touch)Touch aly to remove negative buffs and touch enemies to remove positive buffs.
  • Oracle – find knowledge within 2 miles per mana spent. Each improvement increases the range by a mile.
  • Favored Soul – all mantle and channeling cost 1 less mana.
  • Divine Purity – become immune or highly resistant to many negative status effects

Trained Skills

  • Acrobatics – AGL (1 dice, untrained)
  • Faith – INT (1 dice)
  • History – RSN
  • Linguistics – RSN
  • Nature – RSN/INT (1 dice)
  • Negotiation – CHA
  • Perception – INT (1 dice)
  • Planes – RSN/ESS

Trained Weapons/Armor

  • Flexible – Whips, flails, etc.
  • Axes – axes, etc.
  • Armor – light/medium


  • Battle Axe – [melee, slash, cleave(-1)]
  • Greenwood Flail – [Melee, Bashing, Hearful(+2 dmg)(?), Reach, Cleave] when wielder is at 1/2 health or less, strikes with flail also health wielder’s health or mana, Hex Based.

Cantrips (1 MP, infinite casts)

  • Glow – Cause a touched object to shine with magical light; the light does not flicker or waver unless acted upon by an antimagic effect. Radius: 5ft per MAT clear light, followed by 5ft per 3 MAT dim light, Duration: 30 mins/MAT
  • Renew – Focus your mana to cause minor healing in a target; the target heals 1d4 HP per 2 MAT. Range: 60ft
  • Mend – Fix a touched item costing up to 5 gp, this has no effect on magical items (or at least does not renew the function of their magic). You must have all the parts of the target item on hand, or you must concentrate on the spell for 1 minute per cubic centimeter of missing material; unlike other spells that may be concentrated on, you must spend 1 mana each minute you spend trying to fix the item.
  • Protect – Provide protection from a single element to an ally; reduce the damage of all damage of the selected type by 25%. Range: 30ft, Duration: 1 minute/2 MAT
  • Blessing/Condemn – Minor healing or damage effect which ignores resistance; deal 1 damage or heal 1 damage to an ally or enemy, without taking the targets resistance into account, thus you need only a single success to complete this spell. Range: 60ft
  • Refuge – Hinder enemies from entering an area; this may either be a wall up to 10ft on either side per 3 MAT, or a sphere up to 5ft/2 MAT in area. Range: 100ft, Duration: 5 minutes/2 MAT
  • Barrier – Provide an ally with a 1 bonus to armor, Range: 60ft, Duration: 5 minutes/2 MAT
  • Divine Flare – A blinding flash lights up an area momentarily, upon failure of a DC 10 INT check all creatures within 40ft of the target area are blinded for 1d4 rounds. Any undead or shadow affinity creatures take 1d6 MAT damage regardless of save. Range: 100ft


  • Curse Ward – [MC: 2, Tier:2] block status ailments for MAT rounds
  • Spontaneous Regeneration – {MC:6, Tier: 4](touch) Invigorate a touched ally, healing 3 HP/MAT, then they regain 2d4 HP for MAT rounds.
  • Brilliant Halo – [MC: 2 then 1 per each following rounds] boost all allies Resiliance 1/2 MAT and Regenerate 1/2 MAT mana within 5ft/MAT


      • Born and grew up in Velt – Wind affinity.
      • Was forced to flee homeland when my son slew the ipsian govenor of our city who was worshiping Madras in secret.
      • Traveling healer and disciple of Lamellan
      • Wind affinity 50% dmg wind, 75% dmg earth, 150% dmg Ice
      • 10 pyrees, 3 jade alary
      • Can speak Veltono and Dapyron.
      • Goat driven Cart
      • The goats name is Bernice
      • Weeks worth of rations, oats, and water
      • Shield for my son on order, inlaid with the star of Lamellan

      • Arm impaired
      • Leg crushed
      • spleen is punctured

    • Bio:

      William Smith (Kreg Killgore) lvl 2

      The Gauntlet of Divinity fronkathetonka