Descended from ancient bloodlines, the long-lived aldeen or alderkind have seen the histories of the world unfold in the blink of an eye. Since their ancient imperialism, the clans have specialized into the races we see now—with the rusnai, derrai and vashti claiming dominion over the wild lands, deep forests and volcanic steppes respectively—and fiercely protecting these homelands and lifestyles. The aldeen empire lives on under the care of the derais, eternal guardians of the forests and pride incarnate. The scattered aldeen were further fractured by the events of the falling, which led to the vashti revelation, the defiling of the rusnai homeland and subsequent collapse of their civilization. Feelings still run high among all aldeen regarding the event, with various factions blaming one or the other for different parts of the problem. The aldeen have long been called ‘elves’ by others, especially by humans, goblinkine and the unschooled. The kine have long been enemies of the aldeen, and humans, particularly among the Ipsians, have picked up the goblin tradition of naming them as “tricky spirits” of fireside tales. The aldeen for the most part, do their best to ignore such slights. Most aldeen stand around 6’2’’ to 6’8’’ tall, just slightly taller on average than humans.

Aldeen Features:

  • +1 AGL, -1 TGH
  • Hit Die: d6
  • Aldeen have 2 bonus die on all Perception checks, and Perception is always trained
  • 1 bonus mana per level

Aldeen Sub-races:


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