Your attributes are the basic definition of your strengths, weaknesses and what you can do. They are generally graded on a scale from 0 to 10, but rare individuals or creatures may have higher or lower attributes (though not most player characters). There are 8 attributes, each of which govern a certain aspect of your abilities, and they are divided into 4 physical and 4 mental attributes.

Physical Attributes
Strength (STR) – muscular might, applied to melee damage, carrying

Precision (PRS) – aiming and dexterity, applied to all weapon attacks, called shots

Agility (AGL) – footspeed, applied to total actions and speed

Toughness (TGH) – bodily fortitude, applied to Health and physical defense

Mental Attributes
Reason (RSN) – mental strength, applied to ranged damage, bonus skills, may be Magical Attribute

Charisma (CHA) – presence, applied to allowed followers, may be Magical Attribute

Intuition (INT) – senses, applied to magical resistance, may be Magical Attribute

Essence (ESS) – inner power, applied to Mana, Regeneration, bonus cantrips, may be Magical Attribute

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