General Cantrips and Other Spells

Cantrip/1st Tier:

  • Alarm Ward – Set a magical sensor at location to alert you of specific conditions; these conditions must be spoken as you cast the spell, and must fit within 10 words + 1 word per success. At your option you may have blaring noise sound in the area of the alarm when triggered or leave it as a simple signal to you. Range: 60ft, Radius: 50ft from center, Duration: 1 day per success
  • Fade – Darken an area magically, causing all lights within it to become smaller and less effective. All light in the affected area is reduced to 75% efficiency for the purpose of illumination; you may continue to concentrate on the effect to reduce the light by another 25% per round. Radius: 10ft/3 MAT, Range: 60ft, Duration: 5 mins/MAT
  • Glow – Cause a touched object to shine with magical light; the light does not flicker or waver unless acted upon by an antimagic effect. Radius: 5ft per MAT clear light, followed by 5ft per 3 MAT dim light, Duration: 10 mins per success
  • Mend – Fix a touched item costing up to 2 gp per success, this has no effect on magical items (or at least does not renew the function of their magic). You must have all the parts of the target item on hand, or you must concentrate on the spell for 1 minute per cubic centimeter of missing material; unlike other spells that may be concentrated on, you must spend 1 mana each minute you spend trying to fix the item.
  • Open/Lock – Magical force closes or opens, locks or unlocks non-magical doors, chests and the like. Range: Touch
  • Renew – Focus your mana to cause minor healing in a target; the target heals 1 life per success. Range: 60ft
  • Sending – Deliver a short message over a distance to a known entity; a single response may be returned. The sender (and recipient) must whisper their message, which may be no more than 20 words long. Those around the recipient cannot hear the message, and the same goes for those around the sender should the recipient choose to send a reply, but they may hear the message as it is uttered or detect it with magic. -Range: 100ft + 150ft/MAT
  • Sense Direction – You attune your senses to the flow of mana in the world, and magically get a sense of true north. You must spend extra mana to execute this spell if you are not on the material plane.
  • Sense Magic – Allows you to sense magical energies and spells; when you first cast this you know only if there is magic in an area, you must concentrate on specific areas of magical energy to determine their properties. This may be used in conjunction with the correct knowledge skill (Arcane/Divine/Nature/Psionic) to learn the exact spell effect. In areas of high magic, the intense sensory feedback may cause you to faint, so care should be taken in its use. Range: 10ft area around caster per 2 ESS, Duration: Concentration
  • Ventriloquism – Without moving your own lips, you create a figment, noise or speech emanating from an area you do not occupy; you may concentrate on this power, but you may only cause 3 words per success to be spoken a round or similar for other noises. You may use CHA checks or skills in conjunction with this spell to affect those who overhear it. A DC 12 INT check reveals the sounds as fake to those who overhear it. Range: 300ft

2nd Tier:

  • Brilliant Halo – A glowing ring surrounds your head, boosting your allies ability in battle. Boosts all allies Resiliance by 1/2 MAT and Regenerate 1/2 MAT mana per round. May continue effect by spending 1 mana a round. Radius: 5ft/MAT
  • Clinging Shadows – Cause shadows within a 20ft radius to rise up and attempt to grasp, grapple or pin down all in target area. Also deals minor shadow damage, 1d6 + 1/2 MAT. Range: 100ft, Duration: 1 round/MAT
  • Curseward – Blocks a single negative effect from affecting an ally. Range: 100ft, Duration: 5 mins/2 MAT
  • Forcewall – Create a wall of pure magical force at target location. The wall is up to 15ft/2 MAT long and 25ft high; it is only harmed by antimagic effects or excessive force (such as a strike from a titan or dragon) Duration: 1 minute/3 MAT
  • Genesis Chain – Summon a mystical chain from the ether for various effects. Effects include tying up targets, reaching a distant ledge/use for climbing or using the chain itself as a weapon. You may summon up to 50ft of chain in a round, but you can never have more than 10ft of chain per MAT, the chain otherwise lasts up to 10 mins.
  • Metal Hide – Cause your normally stony skin to take on a metallic sheen; gaining a +2 bonus to armor and reducing all damage received by MAT/2. Self only. Duration: 2 rounds/MAT
  • Searing Beam – Create a 60ft beam of damaging fire energy; this strikes through all targets in the line and breaks through nonmagical barriers of up to 1 ft thick. May continue the effect for 1 mana per round with concentration, but may only move at 1/2 speed while doing so. Deals 2d6+MAT/2 damage. Duration: Concentration up to MAT/2 rounds
  • Shadow Guard – your shadow helps defend you from attack
  • Shadow Scry – gain information on individual based on their shadow, or use own shadow to peer through a distant shadow
  • Stonewall – Create a 20ft by 20ft wall of stone within 100ft, you may concentrate on this effect by spending another mana per round to add an additional 10ft in either direction. The wall lasts for 1 minute/2 MAT
  • Warpstone – Sculpt and move soil and rock; use your hands to soften and shape up to 5 cubic feet of stone or earth each round you concentrate on this spell.

3rd Tier:

  • Magnetism – Attract or repel all metal objects within a 60ft cone, may concentrate on the effect to continue it, but cannot take any other actions while doing so. Affected metals move up to 10ft/round if they are unimpeded; excessively large or small metal objects may move at different rates. While concentrating on the effect you may attract or repel each turn, but must pay 1 mana each time you switch directions. Metallic creations or creatures and those with metal armor may take damage from this effect.
  • Shadow Walk – Step through the shadows up to 30ft+(ESSx10ft)

4th Tier:

  • Fissure – Strike the ground, causing a localized tremor. A rift appears in the earth with a length of 1d8x20ft, in a straight line emanating from your strike. The affected hexss are treated as difficult terrain for a day, and those standing in the effected hexes take 1d8x6 Earth damage (same 1d8 roll as length of rift).
  • Flamewreath – Cover yourself in flames to damage foes who dare approach, MAT rounds, deals 1d4+MAT damage each time an opponent hits you in melee. The damage is also inflicted to all enemies right next to you at the start of your initiative.
  • Invulnerable Sphere – protection mantle
  • Spellshade – Copy any non-psionic spell seen within RSNx20mins with shadowy power; damaging spells are only 75% effective while those that affect a targets mind or perceprion are 150% effective, all other spells are treated normally. Higher level spells cost the normal amount of mana to cast however.
  • Spontaneous Regeneration – Invigorate a touched ally, healing 3 HP/MAT, then they regain 2d4 HP for MAT rounds.
  • Starburst – light mantle
  • Steel Bands – Magical metallic bands bind a foe or gird an ally’s form to improve offensive and defensive capability at the cost of speed. If used on a foe, it will immoblize them; but a DC 12 STR save halves the effect and duration. When used on an ally, their speed is halved for the duration of the spell, but they gain +2 Armor, +1 Resilience and +1 on melee attacks and +2 bonus melee damage. Range: 30ft, Duration: 3 rounds/MAT

5th Tier:

  • Terrawalk – Move through earth, stone and soil as a fish through water; move up to 1/2 your base movement. Duration: Up to 5mins/MAT

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General Cantrips and Other Spells

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