Always numerous, the kine have ever managed to survive the tumultuous events of history relatively unscathed. While they share protruding canines, large ears and coarse skin, the kine subspecies all vary somewhat. They have a proclivity to form tight-knit groups, ranging in size from extended families to large tribes and enormous hordes; the strength of their kinship bonds is unmatched. Kine are notorious for their protection of their group, or their kind in general—while this has sometimes caused great rifts between warring factions of kine, it is more often directed at those who would do harm to goblinkine.

Goblinkine Features:

  • Because of their tendency to put little stock in social graces and usually uncouth appearance all kine suffer a -1 penalty to Charisma, if you are always with your family what does it matter if that human cares for you?
  • They are well adapted for life in tunnels or in the night though, and have Darksight.
  • Being used to traveling with their lives on their backs, all kine increase their carrying capacity by 20lbs
  • Allowed Classes: Magus, Mirage, Savage, Shaman, Spellhound, Warden, Warsoul



  • Hobgin
  • Bakken
  • Troggs
  • Demigol


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