Aquatic goblinkine, the morlins are an ancient and secretive race. For many years they lived beneath the waves outside the knowing of the landbound, though they themselves watched with interest as history was made across the land—and the strife which surrounded such events. Some tribes eventually began trading with the terrestrials, and as greater contact was made, the jongar met with more varied results. After the first tribe to attempt contact with the Ipsians was massacred as demons, the oceanlords rose up in vengeance, sacking a large number of Ipswitch’s coastal towns. When peace was finally pursued, the Ipsians realized the connections the morlin had with their landbound cousin-kine and refused to treat with the ‘unclean ones’. It took another decade for skirmishes between the two cultures to subside. Morlin skin comes in a variety of vibrant colors which dull out of water, such as yellow-green, red, yellow, green, orange, aqua and pink all highlighted by black or white markings. They have black eyes, unless they are a powerful wavespeaker, in which case they are a shifting shade of blue. When they sport hair it is green-black or black and braided to reduce drag. They have fully webbed feet and at least partial webbing on all their fingers. Morlin stand slightly smaller than a man, anywhere from 3’10’’ to 5’2’’ and weigh between 100 and 120 lbs.

Racial Features:

Subrace Features:

  • +1 AGL, +1 PRS
  • Hit Die: d8
  • Morlin replace Magi with Raiders as allowed classes
  • Morlin have 1 bonus die on all Nature or Geography checks
  • Gift: Seabond-Morlin have a swim speed equal to double their land speed and can breathe underwater. They are always able to sense the presence of water, the spell Sense Water is a passive effect for them. Due to their sensory systems morlin have a bonus on Perception checks equal to ½ their level, if submerged in water this bonus is equal to their level.
  • Birthplace: Cerilar Ocean, Miyalar Ocean, Kallish Isles, Gefolar Ocean, Naburath
  • Status: Clanner, Wavespeaker, Deep One

Unique Gifts:
1st-You have formed a unique bond with a sea creature, similar to a Warden’s bond. However, this creature is fused to you and you cannot move separately, usually this is a smaller, or less complex life-form which has grown larger and more powerful with you. Examples include an anemone or octopus in place of a hand, a shellfish helmet, the spines of a porcupine fish, lion fish or urchin, secondary limbs like that of a crab or lobster on your abdomen etc. You are immune to any special effects caused by creatures similar to your symbiotic partner.

Male Names: Mur’tol, Goldeer, Ant’gall, Grinaar, Varsull, Zag’nar, Gon’jin
Female Names: Jan’dori, Gol’vri, Ras’mera, Ana’odi, Ega’onall, Jingari


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