The tallest of the goblinkine, trolens are also agreed to be the most disturbing and predatory. Possessed of extraordinairy speed and regeneration, with an appetite to match, trolens are fearsome hunters—especially in packs. While not unintelligent, trolens can afford to do away with the trappings of civilized life their physical abilities grant them, and more often than not do so—only rarely will you see a trolen with armor, or much clothes to speak of for that matter. Weapons are more commonplace, but tend to be either brutal, multipurpose or compact for their wilderness hunting lifestyle. Trolens are most commonly green or yellowish, though grey and black skintypes are somewhat common among certain bands, and spots, splotches or stripes of other colors mark their backs. Their wide, flat heads lack hair, as does their entire body, but they do ornament their throat pouches or wattles, especially males. They have small black or green eyes and stand around 4’8’’ to 5’8’’ tall, with some rare individuals topping out at 6’ and up to 200 lbs!

Racial Features:

Subrace Features:

  • +2 AGL, +1 TGH, -1 CHA
  • Hit Die: d10
  • Trolen have 1 bonus die on all Intimidate or Fitness rolls
  • Gift: Devour-All trolens have the ability to seek out living things, and may use Sense Life whenever they please. As predators, trolens can eat just about anything organic and have a bite attack (melee, harmful, piercing and crushing). Their rapid metabolism gives them Regeneration 2 (weak to Fire or Acid), but if they are wounded or go a long time without eating they may enter a rampage (20% chance), attempting to kill or eat the nearest living thing. Rampages can last as long as 10 minutes if the trolen finds nothing to sate their hunger.
  • Birthplace: The Wilds, Cahrgil Moors, Kukironga Jungle, Underground, Naburath
  • Status: Clanner, Darkling, Mercenary, Woodsman

Unique Gifts:
1st-By spending 8 mana you may enter a immobile, defensive form.

Names: Garbag, Burgaz, Zargun, Gothal, Durghan, Morthal, Jarth, Gorrath, Storgun, Torguth, Kradog, Burzath, Trolang, Grivath


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