The Derrai are the oldest of the Aldeen, and closest to their ancestral origins these pale-green, grey or blue forest-folk hold themselves apart and in their eyes above other people, even other Aldeen races at times. Generally they view the other Aldeen as wayward children who will one day return to their senses and the empire—even though many centuries have passed since the nine ancient families claimed independence. Taller than most other Aldeen at around 5’8’’-6’4’’, they are crowned by small, branching horns that sweep back over their head. They have pure green eyes and hair that is either brown or a darker shade of their skintone.

Racial Features:

  • +1 ESS, +1 AGL, -1 TGH
  • Have 2 bonus die on all Perception checks, and Perception is always trained
  • 1 bonus mana per level
  • Draconic Hatred: The derrai have long battled with Dragons and their spawn for control of the world. They roll 1 extra attack or magic die against any dragon or draconic creature.
  • Allowed Classes: Defender, Disciple, Hermetic, Magus, Mirage, Warden, Warsoul
  • Gift: Solar-As long as they are in sunlight, derrai regain one mana and health each minute, which replaces normal healing. They also have 1 extra resilience under sunlight. When they are not in sunlight, their natural healing only works half as well as other characters (5 ESS = 3 mana per hour). Additionally, they are all capable of using Glow, and may use it without paying a mana cost once per hour of sunlight they received in the past 24 hours; instead of casting this spell into an item, parts of the derrai emit the light, and they may end it as a free action before the spells time has expired. They may still cast it into items in the regular fashion, but must spend mana to do so.
  • Birthplace: Alderosan Remnant
  • Status: Mercenary, Druid, Arbor Guard, Drakenbane

Unique Gifts:


The Gauntlet of Divinity Buckles