The smallest but most numerous subspecies, goblins are crafty and more devious than their larger cousins, but they have a tendency to hang back from a straight-up fight and are usually skulkers or the advisor in the shadows. They are quick and adept at working in groups, especially against larger opponents. They scavenge when they need to, and they often improve upon equipment they have liberated—they are able smiths and craftsmen; however they commonly lack the material necessary for such endeavors in their more secretive haunts. They tend to be packrats, often communally, and will fight to the death over their hoards. Goblins have wide batlike ears, noticable muzzles and tend to be greenish, blueish or brownish in coloration. Hair is usually black and sometimes brown or greenish, and they have yellow, green or red eyes. They tend to be between 3’6’’ and 4’6’’ tall and weigh around 90lbs.

Racial Features:

Subrace Features:

Unique Gifts:
1st-Given enough time, experimentation and a liberal use of your magical gifts (with possibly some physical exertion as well), you may create or alter any item besides weapons.

Male Names: Garletts, Rossco, Seebol, Drillos, Golsett, Sinndar, Jolgrann
Female Names: Jillan, Morry, Dillis, Finney, Brenadd, Rossey, Hiffen, Golmerra


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