Caster Archetype: d6
Favored Sphere: Elements
Class Skills (3): Arcane, Mechanics, History, Linguistics, Planes
Equipment Proficiency: Light Armor, 2 Weapon Group
Bonus Cantrips: 5- Arcane and General

Class Features:
Chainspell (Prime): Magi learn to quickly cast similar spells in quick succession. As one action they may cast 2 or more spells. They must declare the chainspell before casting the first spell; they must declare all spells before beginning the action, and the spells must target the same target or area (if an area spell is cast after a single-target spell, the original target must be in the area and vice-versa). The first spell is cast at its normal cost, while all additional spells have their mana cost doubled. Any additional spells must have a total spell rank of no higher than the first spells rank (thus a Magus with chainspell 3 could follow-up a 3rd tier spell with three 1st tier spells or one 2nd tier spell and a 1st tier spell). They may only use the chainspell ability once per round, and only one of the spells can be from a spellbook (must still take an action to find it); this spells cost is doubled only once, regardless if it’s the first spell or a secondary spell.

Arcane Legacy (Passive): Magi attune their innate magical powers to the mana of the entire world, but most structure their growth upon magical legacies of their ancestors or teachers. At level 1, a Magus must choose a legacy from the following list to represent where they have studied or where their power stems from. At each odd level Magi learn 3 Arcane spells of any level they know (starting with 2nd level spells at level 1), at each even level, Magi learn 2 Arcane spells. Their magical powers are not limited to what their minds can hold however, and they may record any spell (other than those listed in other legacies) found on their journey within spellbooks. Magi may cast spells within spellbooks as long as they can read the language it is recorded in; they must spend an additional action to find any spell in a spellbook and must double the mana cost of such spells. Spellbooks are described in more detail in the equipment section. Possible Legacies are listed below, and exact rules are given in the link:

  • Circle Magic: perform spells with others for greater effect
  • Warcaster: trained in spell warfare and battle tactics
  • Conjuror: master of portals and summoning
  • Shipsmage: trained in ship to ship combat and weather magic
  • Geomantic/Pyromancer/Stormbringer/Windcaller/Waterbender/Frostmage: masters of their respective elements
  • Sandshaper (Kallish): power over sand and deserts, must be trained in Nature
  • Spellsinger (Aldeen or Maendri): weave song and magic together for more powerful effects, must be trained in Performance
  • Beguiler (Kranion only): mage with unique powers over the mind, must be trained in Negotiate
  • Magician (Ipsian, Goblin, Dralic or halfblood): its just sleight of hand, or is it? Must be trained in Larceny
  • Blood Mage (Goblin, Orgoi, Hulgin or Haastur): mages who have tapped the hidden powers of blood. Must be trained in Fitness
  • Ebon Syballist (Pra’dral or Dralic): masters of powerful runes and dark glyphs, must be trained in Linguistics
  • Green Mage (Alderais or Torqani): power over plants and other natural phenomena, must be trained in Nature
  • Warlock (Vashti only): uses own life-force to empower spells or combat, must be trained in Fitness
  • Elementalist (Naga only): can use multiple elements effectively, must be trained in Planes
  • Keepers (Alderais or Estadai): guardians of ancient aldeen magics, must be trained in History
  • Binder (Naga, Vashti or Maendri): bind outsiders to items, and your being to create effects, must be trained in Intimidate or Negotiate

Mana per Level: 5

Attack Dice: 1, +1 at 2nd, 5th and 8th level

Magic Dice: 3, +1 at 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th level

Resilience: 0, +1 at 2nd, 5th and 8th level

Minor Gifts: 2nd, 5th and 8th level

Major Gifts: 4th, 7th and 10th level

Chainspell Ranks: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th level

Arcane Tiers: 3rd tier at 3rd level, 4th tier at 5th level, 5th tier at 7th level and 6th tier at 9th level

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