Arguably the most organized of the kine, orglin are sorcerous and imposing, easily stronger than most other species. They have a strong tradition of warfare, having served as shock troops for both dragonkith and titans in eons past. While magically they lack in innovation and lorekeeping, they more than make up for these shortfalls in sheer potency. Their focus on the martial and the arcane often leave them distracted from other things, however most creatures do not wish to draw the attention of an orglin from his studies. Orglin have skin in shades of purple, blue or green with black, white, blue, yellow or red hair and red eyes. They may be anywhere from 3’8’’ to 4’10’’ tall, but are usually nearly as broad shouldered as they are tall and weigh from 120 to 170lbs. They sport an array of thick, knobby horns which are different for each individual.

Racial Features:

Subrace Features:

  • +1 STR, +1 ESS
  • Hit Die: d10
  • Orglin are always proficient with their exotic weapons: the Kanabo & the Spadaxe
  • Orglin replace Spellhounds with Defenders as allowed classes
  • Gift: Sorcery-All orglin are capable of using the Missile and Infuse spells naturally. They also deal bonus damage on all damaging spells equal to their character level. Orglin regenerate mana at 1.5 times the normal rate.
  • Birthplace: The Wilds, Agratha, Aldevaisha, Naburath
  • Status: Clanner, Mercenary, Marath, Veshling

Unique Gifts:
1st-You are proficient in the use of heavy armor. By spending extra mana equal to half the cost of the spell, you may cast a spell and attack with the same action. The magical effect must target you or your attack target.

Male Names: Goro, Durago, Onoga, Rogan, Garuga, Norada, Yando, Urgha
Female Names: Yari, Gari, Inora, Maru, Nura, Marona, Nuraga, Mandu


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