Raili Rusnai

The lost “elves” are a mixed bag, though most are dun to dark brown skinned and brown, hazel or blue eyes. They are generally better built than the other aldeen, and are the most likely to have half-elf offspring. They hold few outside themselves responsible for their current nomadic lifestyle, though they believe both the Raili Estadai high in their cloud cities and the Alderais in their forest strongholds could have done more in the prevention of the falling—with their greater mastery of the arcane arts. Still, they move from one place to another rather stoically, surviving and hunting as they always have.

Racial Features:

  • +1 STR, +1 AGL, -1 TGH
  • Have 2 bonus die on all Perception checks, and Perception is always trained
  • 1 bonus mana per level
  • Wandering Hunters: Rusnai have mastered a variety of techniques from their previous hunting grounds and in their life of exile. They begin play with a bonus weapon group trained and any 2nd tier Nature Spell.
  • Allowed Classes: Hermetic, Raider, Savage, Shaman, Spellhound, Warden, Warsoul
  • Gift: Primal-Rusnai seem to some to be more bestial than sentient. Even without a bonded animal, they have animal traits. Every rusnai has retractable talons which are treated as weapons (small, melee, quick, slashing), and may have other cosmetic animal traits. They have keen senses of smell, even for Aldeen and may use it along with their hearing in lieu of sight. Rusnai reroll any 1’s with Fitness checks.
  • Birthplace: Caravan, Ocean Caravan, The Vellte, Koratorn, Cahrgil Moors, Mountain Aerie
  • Status: Mercenary, Settled, Raili Beskadi, Oldblood, Commoner

Unique Gifts:

Raili Rusnai

The Gauntlet of Divinity Buckles