Vashti Aldais

Cursed with skin the color of bleached bone, Vashti stand out in any crowd; their glowing eyes not helping much either! Hair may be black, crimson, silver, green or rarely white; their glowing eyes can be red, blue, purple or yellow. Sorcerous and ritualists in the extreme, Vashti are not well-trusted, but they make some of the most potent spellcasters on Ralmucon. They desire only further knowledge of magic and power over it, but they are generally not opposed to using the knowledge for other ends. Having also left the ancestral homelands blighted in their bid for power, the Vashti created a realm of magical inquiry with some magically inclined goblin and orgoi clans, known as Aldevaisha.

Racial Features:

  • +1 AGL, +1 CHA, -1 TGH
  • Have 2 bonus die on all Perception checks, and Perception is always trained
  • 1 bonus mana per level
  • Blademasters: Vashti are always proficient with their exotic weapons: the Azad and double-sword
  • Bonus arcane or psionic spell at each even level (at level 2 you choose which list to draw these from)
  • Allowed Classes: Defender, Disciple, Hermetic, Magus, Mirage, Warsoul, Zealot
  • Gift: Virulence-Vashti reroll any 1’s on magic damage die. They may also add their own elemental attribute to magical attacks which have none. However, they always have a chance of a magical ability draining health instead of mana as its cost (roll an extra d6 each time you use such an ability a 3 or 6 drains health), additionally they must always choose Sense Magic as a cantrip, but it is always on as a “sixth sense” (and cannot be turned off like a spellhounds). 2nd tier or higher spells cost 1 extra mana to cast (or health if they drain health).
  • Birthplace: Aldevaisha, Cahrgil Moors
  • Status: Commoner, School of Mist, School of Rust, School of Ash, Mercenary

Unique Gifts:

Vashti Aldais

The Gauntlet of Divinity Buckles